Lac Vien Vietnamese Cuisine: Bringing a Fresh – and Delicious – Touch of Tradition to Toronto


Lac Vien Vietnamese Cuisine: Bringing a Fresh – and Delicious – Touch of Tradition to Toronto

Food is central to the Vietnamese way of life: From family meals shared around the dinner table to fabulous feasts, Vietnamese cuisine honours life’s major transitions and celebrates its many small, special moments. Food is presented at altars as a gift to the ancestors and used as a symbol of harmony and unity at weddings, holidays, and other events. The Vietnamese know that the food we eat binds us to each other, and the rhythms of nature – That’s why using only fresh, local ingredients is such a central part of their culinary tradition.

Lac Vien – one of the most exciting Vietnamese restaurants in the greater Toronto area – brings the best of Vietnamese cuisine to Canada with its diverse selection of authentic dishes. Placing the utmost emphasis on quality, the team of chefs at Lac Vien carefully source fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and spices from local markets, which they skillfully combine in every meal. From the moment you walk in the door at Lac Vien, you’ll be greeted by delicate aromas that bring you back to another time and place, when meals were prepared slowly and eaten with reverence … A time when food was shared over the sounds of laughter between friends and family, as nourishing to the soul as it is to the body.

This spirit of care and connection underlies the passion for food shared by the chefs at Lac Vien: They’ve dedicated their lives to spreading their love for Vietnamese cuisine while finding innovative new ways to combine traditional ingredients. At their Scarborough and North York locations, you’ll find classic favourites like Pho beef noodle soup (Lac Vien was voted one of the best Pho restaurants in Toronto by BlogTo), complete with fresh herbs and spices served on the side. You’ll also get to enjoy authentic spring rolls, Thai style mango shrimp salad, and a variety of stir fry options. At the same time, Lac Vien knows how to serve up Asian flavours with a modern twist: If you want to try something new and unique, you’ll enjoy their cream cheese wontons, Thai style chicken wings, avocado smoothies, and bubble tea.

Those diners who can’t get enough of Vietnamese food (and we don’t blame you!) will be happy to know that Lac Vien doesn’t hold back when it comes to portion sizes. Their generous meals are perfect if you want to take home a bit of fresh, healthy local cuisine to nourish you after a busy workday. Lac Vien also offers a full lunchtime buffet for adventurous midday diners, making it an excellent spot for a meal out with coworkers. Or, after a long day, you can unwind on the patio with friends, basking in the warm glow of a Toronto sunset as you treat your tastebuds.

With their commitment to food, friendship, and bringing a touch of Vietnamese hospitality to Canada, Lac Vien stands out as one of Toronto’s best “hidden gems.” When you visit Lac Vien, you’ll find an unforgettable culinary experience, along with a chance to relax and rejuvenate in the heart of the big city.

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